When a child can no longer remain with their family, we first try to determine if other adults that the child has a significant relationship with can care for them. This is known as Family Finding and Kinship Service.

Careful planning is given to matching children with the most suitable family. Being separated from birth parents, extended family and sometimes siblings can be scary and confusing. We try to make coming into care less frightening by keeping siblings together or by matching a child with a family with similar ethnic, cultural and religious practices whenever possible. We also look for a family with similar interests and living near the child’s school and community. Other factors taken into consideration are family dynamics, ages, lifestyles and the ability of the caregiver to work with the child’s biological family.

Waiting time

The agency’s goal is finding the most suitable home for a child rather than finding a child for a family.

Whether you are a foster caregiver or adopting family, there is no set waiting time before you receive placement of a child in your home. That being said, the waiting time may be influenced by the applicant’s openness and ability to consider children with more complex needs, sibling groups and teens.