Permanency planning is a priority for the Children’s Aid Society of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. The goal of permanency is for every child, youth and young adult to have a safe, nurturing, and permanent family with lifelong connections. All three elements are essential to a healthy development. 

We believe that children, youth and young adults need a sense of belonging to a family that provides an unconditional, lasting commitment to them. Children, youth and young adults growing up in a loving permanent family achieve better outcomes in adulthood.

Permanence may be achieved through a range of alternatives. From children and youth remaining with their families, to kin service, legal custody and adoption. Also from children and youth exiting care through reunification with their families or a successful transitioning to adulthood.

Planning for permanency begins with a focus on the child and/or youth remaining in their home, but when this is not possible, other possibilities need to be explored. Our goal is to continually work with the child’s family, extended family or community towards establishing a stable and permanent home.