Adoptees from the Children’s Aid Society of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry

Roger Giroux

The Roger Giroux Bursary was created with a generous donation from a family in our community.  Mr. Giroux was an adoptee himself, and he wanted to give back to youth and young adults adopted through the Children’s Aid Society of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. 

Mr. Giroux was born in Montreal, Quebec and was in foster care in Montreal.  At the age of five years old, he was adopted by Hector and Marie Anne Giroux.  Mr. Giroux always said that he was grateful to have been adopted, as he didn’t know what his life would have been like had he not been adopted by Hector and Marie Anne.  Sadly, Marie Anne passed away when Mr. Giroux was just nine years old, and he was raised by his father, Hector, and step-mother, Clorrida.

Mr. Giroux worked delivering bread in Cornwall and SDG until he met and married Mary Raba whom he met when they both worked at the Cotton Mill.  Roger and Mary went on to have two children, Edgar and Tom, and they raised their family in Monkland in the family home that Roger built himself.  They also purchased land in Monkland on the corner of Highways 138 and 43, where they built Mary’s Restaurant.  They lived their lives running their restaurant and raising their family.  Mr. Giroux’s family describe him as an intelligent, family-oriented man who loved technology and was not afraid of any challenges that he faced.

Upon Mr. Giroux’s passing, his wife Mary, son Tom, and daughter-in-law Sonia honoured his wishes by donating money to the Children’s Aid Society of SDG to create the Roger Giroux Bursary.

If you were adopted through the CAS of SDG and you are attending a College, Trade or University program in September 2021, you are eligible to apply.  Please complete the application form for the opportunity to be a recipient of the Roger Giroux Bursary.


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